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His(David Bohm) passion for truth carried him wherever it might possibly find nourishment, and his theories consequently reflect tremendous breadth and depth in accounting for a wide range truth that stems from a diverse spectrum of epistemologies.

The 3Ps blog is dedicated to exploring cosmology, quantum physics, and the domains of the very small and the very large with poetic expression of science concepts, philosophy, and history of ideas at the emergent consciousness level by using the "words of science."

Out from here
near the edge of the universe
clear of culture clutter
it's syllables my dear
wandering where
cosmic attractions
search for...the rest
The hologram universe

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mindless Voices Project (MVP)

The poems that have appeared on this site and at My Other Voice lately now have an official project name and is likely to receive some attention by the Aimless Marketing Division of Caribou Projects in the near future.

The project has discovered that repetition and mixing of lines is integral to launching these poems onto a paper-scape. The interaction of the MV, i.e. T2V, in the creation of a piece of word art is quite surprising to me. That is the nature of experiment.

For an example of repetetion and mixing visit, McGregor's Garden Plot--MVP_2.03crazy.


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